There are various methods that will help to decide how quickly to learn the verse. First, the poem needs to be read aloud. While reading may meet unfamiliar words, they are better to write and learn the meaning of the parents in the dictionary or on specialized online services. If the text is completely clear, then remember it will be much easier.

Read the text aloud with expression to be at least two or three times. Active memorization using associations, representation of a pictures of what is happening in the poem, will allow to memorize lines faster.

With each subsequent reading of the speech must be more measured and expressive. You need to remember while reading the times and forms of words.

If visual memory is not giving you quickly learn the verse, take advantage of other opportunities. The poem can be rewritten in a notebook one or more times. If it still dictating it out loud, then remembering will be more quick. On the rewriting of the poem is medium in size can take up to 5 minutes, so don't be lazy, because it can reduce the time spent on memorizing verses by heart. To learn the text better by reading it directly from the copied sheet.

Another good way to learn the verse quickly – its division into parts. To do this, read the first line and then say it out loud without notes, then a second, and then combining it with the first, try telling lines on your own. So you can memorize passages and a pair of quatrains, repeating the cycle beginning every time.

If the verse is very large, like Borodino, it is difficult to dock learned parts together. To such places in the poem are not forgotten, it is possible to make the hand a little cheat sheet.

To quickly learn a poem, it is better to start memorizing a couple of days. The first day is enough to devote 5 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the verse. On the second day learning it by heart will be much easier as most of the works will remain in memory.

It should be noted that for fast learning of poems should have a good memory. It becomes such only as a result of regular training, so pay enough attention to. For successful learning it is also important to sleep well, breathe fresh air, to have an active lifestyle.

If you can not quickly memorize the standard methods, try to take advantage of special services. For example, on the website or Perhaps in a playful way you will get the result much faster.