One of the techniques that will help you to learn a poem quickly begins with a visual representation of the meaning of a literary work. Try to mentally draw a picture, which is described in the poem - it will be easier to understand and remember what this verse.
Next, proceed to action. For example, rewrite the poem in a notebook or on an ordinary sheet of paper. Just don't do it mindlessly. Necessarily every word when writing the work. To do this, try to define the role of each of them, then the brain builds up the necessary associations that will make it easier and faster to memorize the piece.
Can a poem turn into a song. Psychologists say: that singing helps a person to easily digest the information. So, the verse will be learned in a few minutes.
Try another way. Divide the poem into quatrains. Then begin to teach in parts. First the first stanza after the second, then the two together. And so gradually you will learn the entire verse.
Read the poem aloud and record on tape. Put it at night under the pillow and put the timer on and repeat. And go to sleep. The next morning all the information will be recorded "on the crust".
If you have well-developed auditory memory, ask someone from relatives or friends slowly and very clearly you need to read the poem. It is advisable to repeat the reading 2-3 times, so is best remembered.
In that case you can never remember the beginning of any lines, will help you a cheat sheet. Write in a readable location such as on the wrist the first word of this line. And then will only have to use this hint in order to reproduce the entire place in General.