You will need
  • - garden sprayer;
  • - capacity for making solutions, can bucket.
Prepare a solution of antifungal milk.
Prepare solution immediately before use. Mix 1 volume of bold milk (2.5% fat) and 9 volumes of clean water. Always use this proportion: insufficient amount of milk is inefficient, the overabundance of milk can cause other diseases of plants.
Use a solution of milk against powdery mildew.
You can use the milk solution on all plants sensitive to powdery mildew, namely:
- plant a vegetable garden (tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, strawberries, etc);
- fruit trees and bushes;
- roses, rhododendrons, delphiniums, begonias, etc.
Preventive treatment - spraying spray once a month.
Medical treatment - spraying spray once a week until full recovery.
As with any natural treatment, spraying milk effectively early in the disease.
Use milk to bind Bordeaux mixture.
Bordeaux liquid of known antifungal drug. Mix 1 volume of bold milk (2.5% fat) and 10 volumes of Bordeaux mixture. This solution is better "lie" to the plant.
Grow your pumpkins.
To get larger fruit, water your pumpkin once a week with one liter of milk at the root.
Improve flowering geranium. Add a few drops of milk when watering the geraniums. It will be more bloom luxuriantly.