What a dream cake: a personal experience

Just want to say that I this dream does not portend anything good. I remember several dreams in which I gladly enjoyed a delicious cake with cream, and after a few days in my life are happening in some kind of trouble, and it was impossible to predict in what area of life this time will happen bad event.

However, in most dream books cake in a dream is a good sign.

By the way, each person has dreams which are not amenable to common interpretation, so it's best to return to standard interpretations of this dream.

To see a large and beautiful cake in the dream

This dream foretells the fulfillment of a wish that was made on the day when you dreamed it. You can safely Wake up like a birthday to make a wish.

If you have anything planned, then the dream about the cake gives you the signal that it was the most auspicious time for new beginnings. It is advisable to take the first step immediately after waking up and then you have conceived will come true.

Decorate the cake in her sleep

If you dream you decorate the cake, prepare to get pleasure from life. Soon you unforgettable pleasure.

In the dream you are making a cake and try it – you're going to visit and a very nice time in the company of nice people.

To buy a cake in the dream

If you dream that you are choosing the cake in the pastry Department, then this dream promises prosperity and joy.

To get a cake as a gift – an unexpected profit.

Dirty sloppy or tasteless cake in the dream

It's a bad sign that speaks of inner dissatisfaction with your present situation. You break the contradictions, although the people you hold on and don't tell anyone about your experiences. It's time to pull myself together, to try to overcome his depression and take a step toward change.

The cake was unpleasant to the taste

If you dream you ate the cake, but the taste is not unpleasant, e.g. bitter, then you need to listen to your body, especially when after waking up with a bad taste in my mouth remained.

Such a dream warns about the beginning of a serious illness, you may need to consult a doctor, especially if lately you begin to notice the deterioration of health.