If you have not worked in this sphere, invite the designer studios that already have some experience. He will be able to help you as with the choice of a room, and with the subsequent design. A place to house the Studio is situated in a noisy part of town. It is better to choose a residential district, suburb, or even the nearby village.

It is desirable that the brick building. It is not necessary to take the room on higher floors. The cons are that there will be additional costs for sound insulation and grounding. First floor or basement is the best solution.

The next step is a good grounding and supply of electricity. Electrical wiring in the old room should be completely replaced. This will protect you from short circuits and unexpected breakdowns that can cause serious damage to expensive equipment, stopping, Studio work and emergency repairs.

The room must be well Soundproofed with no strong acoustics inside. To isolate the Studio, on the floor lay the carpets, the walls are upholster with carpet, cork or foam. But do not forget about the aesthetics. Remember that musicians need to feel comfortable enough Studio, so appearance is important.

Then purchase of the necessary equipment. In order to produce a quality product, the equipment is better not to save. You will need: a mixing console or mixing Board, some microphones on the stand, software, sound card, Studio monitors, headphones. If you are not a professional, when selecting be sure to consult with one, otherwise you risk to get not really a suitable technique.

To complete the work Studio needs the following staff: sound engineer, sound engineer, arranger. Soundman working on the mixing and controls the level of sound. Arranger is needed in order to pick up the rhythm of the melody, its timbre, perhaps even to change the basic sound. The sound editor is engaged in that conducts a test recording. His responsibilities - control of sound recording and sound editing. In the result, it turns out the final version of the soundtrack.

And last but also important point is the arrangement of the rest room. Make sure that the room was upholstered furniture, kettle. Musicians should have no problems if they suddenly want to eat, drink coffee or just relax. Organize a comfortable bathroom.

Arrange a small advertising campaign in the appropriate circles. And your Studio in the near future will begin to make a profit.