What is a mixing console

Mixer (or mixer) is a device, which are used for combining multiple audio signals into one or more outputs. With the help of a mixing console is routed signals.

This device is used in a recording and live sound reinforcement. Mixers can be analog and digital. Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also these devices vary in the number of outputs. Professional mixers can have more than 32 inputs. Cheap mixers have a small number of channels.

DJ mixers are a little different. There is definitely less than the input channels and also has a crossfader, which allows you to do smooth signals of the input channels. In mixer DJ is also a block of special effects.

The structure of the mixer

Each mixer has the inputs and outputs. In the section of entries, a certain number of mono and stereo input channels. Each channel consists of several blocks. This pre-amplifier which has an adjustable sensitivity and allows you to specify the working level of the signal. On input, most mixers have a phantom power supply is often needed for condenser microphones.

Multi-band equalizer allows you to adjust the frequency response of the signal. Professional remotes have up to six lanes with a semi-parametric adjustment. Also, the mixing Board is the unit of routing of the input signal on the auxiliary bus-bars used for signal processing effects unit. Regulator pan is used to determine the position of the signal in the stereo sound picture. Fader volume control signal determines the level balance of the channels.

Some mixers have a so-called break point. This Jack is the input and output that can be used to connect the device, for example, is designed for signal processing.

Purpose mixing console

Today this device is used in many areas of sound reinforcement. The mixer required in recording studios, at concerts, radio stations, etc. mixers with integrated amplifiers are ideal for small sound sets. Digital mixers are more functional, can save all settings in presets, and also have more compact dimensions.