The real noise in the apartment

To answer this question we first need to define the concept of admissible noise. The noise is called random and continuous reproduction of sounds of different strength and frequency. According to the sanitary norms, the permissible noise level in the apartment is the noise to 55 dB during daytime and 40 dB at night. The level of spoken human speech varies approximately in the range of 45-50 dB, and the noise from the working computer is around 40 dB.

The law establishing the time at which it is possible to exceed the norm of the noise is the "Law of silence". In different regions of the country this time will be different. So, it is impossible to exceed a noise level of 40 DB in Moscow from 22 hours to 6 am and in St. Petersburg from 11 PM to 7 am. But in the city of Yekaterinburg, not to make noise until 8am.

To how many are allowed to do repairs in the apartment

The law governing the time of repair in the apartments, is the "Law on the procedure for alterations". In different regions of the country it can vary by title and some content, but its main provisions are similar.

  • Repair and construction work of any complexity is prohibited on weekends and public holidays. Festive day should be officially declared a day off.
  • Repair work on weekdays should start from 9 am and finish no later than 7pm.
  • Repair or construction work should not continue for more than six consecutive hours. If such work requires more time to continue, you need to make an hour.
  • The whole duration of the repairs in the apartment should not exceed 3 months. To increase repair times have to be coordinated with the housing authority.
  • It is impossible when carrying out construction works to make materials or waste construction of staircases and landings. It is also forbidden to use for transportation of materials, passenger lifts in houses.

Not always possible when carrying out repairs to meet the established framework. So another time you must have written consent of your neighbors. And you need the consent of neighbors not only in the stairwell, but the neighbors living above and below you.