What is the ENP (Single payment)?

The ENP is a single electronic receipt for payment of housing and communal services (housing and utilities).

In what timeframe do I have to pay for the ENP?

To pay the ENP needs to be regularly up to the 10th day of the month following the expired.

Where is the service?

To create and pay for the ENP, it is necessary to register on the Portal. In the Centre of public services can self-register (seeRegistration on the Portal of city services Moscow PGU.MOS.RU"). Or to register you can refer to any universal specialist center for government Services, which will issue the username and password to access city services.

For convenience of receipt and payment of the ENP it is advised to fill a Single personal account (see the Unified personal account for access to public services and services of the city of Moscow").

To obtain the ENP after the registration you must select "Apartment housing services".

Next, click on the serviceto Receive and pay for the ENP"

After reviewing the information about the service and list of required documents click "Get service" in the upper right corner.

How to use the service?

Step 1. Key documents

1. Payer ID

You can select it from the list of available codes or manually enter a new code.

To save the code you entered in your account, you must specify the user name of the apartment and press the "Save"button.

2. Document type

You can choose from two types EAP – ordinary or debt. Conventional SPD is used to making current payments for utility services, and debt – to pay for existing debts.

3. The payment period

These values are selected from dropdown lists.

The query results will be displayed after clicking "Request EPD".


Currently, to request available payment documents, since January 2012. If you need to obtain the ENP for the earlier period of time, you need to personally apply to the CCU IP/center of public services in their area.

STEP 2. Viewing the ENP

It contains information generated by the ENP:

– the amount to be paid;

– the amount of insurance;

– the total amount.

To view a single receipt, you should click on the link "View the ENP".

STEP 3. Data validation and payment of the ENP

If you agree with the amount assessed, proceed to the payment of the ENP.

To do this:

- click "Pay";

- to check payment details;

- click "Confirm".

After forwarding to the page of the Bank of Moscow can pay the ENP credit card VISA or MasterCard.

Payment will need to enter your Bank card details:

– the card number;

– expiration date;

– the CVV2 or CVC2.

After sending the payment it is recommended not to upgrade and not to close the electronic payment form before the payment process to be completed.


Payment of the ENP cards of OJSC "Bank of Moscow" conducted without a fee. If a Single payment document is paid by the card-issuing banks pay a Commission fee of 0.8% of the payment amount.

After pressing the button "to Pay", the payment will be in the system

Where can I view my EAP?

All of the billing information, the user PGU.MOS.RU can view in your Personal account.