Place an ad on "Craigslist" without registration will not succeed, but this step should not embarrass anyone, because the procedure itself is simple and doesn't take much time. Besides registering on "Avito" free that generally rejects all the doubts about its necessity. To register for "Avito", after referring to the user agreement.
On the main page in "Personal Cabinet" select "Register". The process even shortened, if you just pass the address
Next, you should specify how you register – as an organization or as an individual.
Then you will see graphs that will need to enter name, email, cell and, of course, the password. The password will need to confirm, then enter the captcha (text with pictures). If the symbols are too merged and difficult to make out, then a new captcha you will be given after clicking the link "Another picture".
To continue the registration on "Avito" will be possible only in the case of your acquaintance with the user agreement. It is not necessary to approach the issue formally, as this will prevent locks for breaking the rules. If you have read and agree with everything – click "Register".
Next you will be asked to confirm the registration with the specified email. Look at the email with "Craigslist" and go to the suggested link.
When check on "Avito" confirmed, a report will appear about this offer or go to personal Cabinet, or immediately begin serving the ad.