Before you travel to Nepal you need to pre-tune that path is long enough - in fact, to get here, you will have to make one or more transfers. However, there are specialized airline with which you will be able to get to Nepal direct – it all depends on where you start your journey. The main air gate of the Nepal airport – Tribuvan in the capital Kathmandu.

Катманду. Непал

The climate in Nepal is quite changeable, the temperature in summer can be +30...+35 degrees, and in winter is about -4...-6 degrees.

Quite often there are earthquakes and most recently, in April-may 2015, there was a very powerful earthquake, resulting in numerous casualties and destruction.

Землетрясение в Непале 2015 год

Nepal is visa country, so if you want to visit, then you need to apply for a visa. At customs the Luggage is carefully inspected and if you will find any prohibited goods, you will have to leave them. Prohibited goods that cannot be imported into Nepal are: drugs, weapons, and military equipment. There is also a restriction on the import of photographic films, tobacco and alcohol.

храмы Непала

Nepal – quite a big country, so to see it all easiest way is by car. And for that you need to carry a driver's license, then take the car to rent is not difficult. The rental price will depend on the brand of car.

In Nepal, as in any other country, be sure to try the local cuisine. Usually the locals eat dishes of lentils, rice and soybeans. All of this is served under hot sauce.

Национальный парк Непала

The most famous sights of Nepal is the world's highest mountain ranges the Himalayas, the National parks of Sagarmatha, Annapurna and Chitwan, as well as meditation courses.