How to curl short hair

Short haircuts often lack the pomp and volume, so the most effectively these hairstyles will look, if you make large curls. For this you need to wash your hair, dry your hair with a towel and apply on the whole length of some mousse or foam to help protect.

Share hair parted down the middle, then comb with a long tail parallel to the parting detachable small lock, 2-3 cm wide. Gently wrap the hair around index finger, forming a dense rounded curl. Twisted a strand gently fix the clip so that the curl has not crumbled.

Similarly, wind the remaining hair in the front surface of the head. At the temples, where the hair is usually shorter than in other areas, the curls are placed in a semicircle towards the ear. To get beautiful curls in the occipital and parietal area, the locks screwed on from the face to the back surface of the neck.

New curls dry naturally or a little warm air from a hair dryer, after which the hair is allowed to cool and carefully remove the clips. Your fingers gently brush my short hair, then comb with a few teeth hair gives the final shape.

Perms long hair

To curl long hair, you will need the usual ribbons or small pieces of cotton fabric, cut into strips of a width of about 4 cm Length of the strips should be approximately 2 times greater than the length of the hair. The width of the strands will depend on the size of curls: big curls are obtained from strands of hair width of about 5 cm, to create small curls enough strands about 2 cm.

Hair carefully combed, separated into two parts by a Central parting and spray with a light spray of styling. Single strand twist your fingers up the length, then wrap it near the roots of the hair is prepared with the fabric. One end of the ribbon is wrapped around the twisted strands, trying to keep the cloth was laid as evenly as possible. And then in the opposite direction to wind the second end of the tape.

Fabric wrapped strand is coiled into a spiral, hold it to the head and fixed with a knot formed by free ends of the patchwork strip. The same steps repeat with the remaining strands of hair. The most beautiful and bouncy curls on long hair work, if the iron is from 3-4 hours. After strips are removed, the head is tipped forward and fingers gently comb the curled hair, apply a small amount of hairspray on the roots – it gives curls extra volume.