For light and fluffy hair, it is necessary to choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Better if you choose a very light consistency, preferably transparent. Dilute it with cool water, a little lather and apply to hair to ensure the hair easy volume, they will not crumble and fall off.
To create curls hydration is very important, otherwise they will crumble and quickly lose shape. Therefore, among other qualities shampoo (light texture, for example), it should have moisturizing properties. The same applies to air conditioning - though it must be applied to all hair on the area starting from about the mid - so the hair is heavier and permanently retain the volume.
So, you wash your hair. Now wrap it with a towel and leave on for 7-10 minutes, let it absorb moisture. Do not RUB or wring hair, after all, so they are very easy to stretch and damage - wet hair is much easier to deform.
Then on slightly damp hair, apply a light spray or cream with mousses or foams hair would look even tekturna, but not so natural! You can use these tools to highlight individual strands, but the main styling product should be something easy.
Best of all with the creation of light waves curler handle medium size. Screw them to the hair, not really go overboard and pulling the strands, hook and allow the process to continue independently. However, you can help the curls warm running dryer designed with a sufficiently large distance!
Now you should let your hair down and release them from the curlers. Don't rush to comb the hair comb with frequent teeth - hair suddenly crumble and lose its shape. Just try to separate the curls with your fingers and sprinkle it with varnish, then you need to secure strands with Bobby pins. Your hairstyle is ready!