You will need
  • - strings of rags;
  • or
  • - curlers;
  • - means for fixing;
  • or
  • - irons;
  • mousse for hair.
The simplest and most ancient method to turn a hair in wavy is a simple rod. To do this, take the small strings of cloth, tie in alternating curls and legite to sleep. In the morning you will get small curls but after combing they will be lush and very pretty.
The other way is a normal curler. It can be curlers of different kinds – hard, soft, thermal. The size of the curls depends on the shape and size curlers. To get the original curls half up half hair, respectively, and to wind the hair need not completely. However, for more "long-playing" curler to keep as long as possible. Still, the short-lived curls out. For longer preservation of curls, apply to the hair before winding means for fixing.
Good and fast option to create curls – these hot rollers. However, you should use them very carefully, so as not to get burned. They warmed up in water for about 10 minutes. Wind hair on curlers such immediately until the rollers have cooled. And after 15 minutes you can enjoy the curls.
Another popular course is the use of modern irons. This seemingly simple instrument requires experience and skill. However, the curls are obtained quickly and also, exactly where needed. With this tool it is possible to make only a few curls "reviving" any hairstyle. But it is best to ask someone to help with the hair that you do with the forceps. After all, to manage them quite difficult. The process of home "cooking" of curls use a special mousse, which will facilitate the process.
The following methods are best used when the participation of a professional hairdresser. So long a Perm can provide the opportunity to enjoy the curls 6-18 months. Modern perming is quite gentle on the hair. Besides, today there are different types of chemistry. What suits you, tell the hairdresser.