Before you get rid of the cockroaches in the apartment in the home, create all the necessary conditions to ensure that insects do not appeared again. Even the most effective ways of getting rid of pests does not guarantee that they will disappear forever. First of all, perform General cleaning in the kitchen and all premises, where he was spotted cockroaches (storeroom, bathroom, balcony, etc.). The most important thing is to get rid of both from fresh and old food residue, which can lure insects and become their main source of nutrition.
Water and other liquids are to cockroaches is a necessary tool for existence. So if you have leaking pipes and other plumbing, damp walls and ceiling, or you spend excessively wet cleaning, this will cause the emergence of new insects. Remember that the house must be not only clean, but dry.
To get rid of cockroaches in an apartment forever at home, to patching holes in furniture, clean the vents and the hood. This will block the cockroaches the road: they will be harder to move around the room and multiply in it. This notorious ventilation and plinth along the floor and ceiling are usually the most difficult to access for cleaning. At this point, become necessary, these proven and effective means to control cockroaches, like crayons, gels and aerosols. Treat crayons all skirting boards, joints and cracks along the floor and walls (this procedure should be done weekly). Gel and aerosols can handle hard-to-reach places: holes in walls, floors, ventilation.
Try the special folk remedies for getting rid of cockroaches at home. You can prepare mashed potatoes in water, add chopped boiled egg and boric acid. Place one tablespoon of this tool on napkins or sheets of paper in the more frequent appearance of cockroaches. Furthermore, boric acid in powder form can just be sprinkled all the "dangerous" places in the apartment.
Take advantage of our special cabins and traps to help you effectively get rid of cockroaches in an apartment once and for all. Each box contains a deadly poison for cockroaches, they also carry other individuals. The houses contain a bait – trap, to which stick insects. This method is convenient because it is safe for people and Pets. If to fight the cockroaches you are using boric acid or other chemicals in its pure form, it is necessary to be very careful to ensure that they did not have access, no one other than insects.