Question about speed of torrents is raised by many users. It can depend on different factors. First, the speed of file download depends on your tariff plan. If you have it is, for example, 25 MB/sec, then it will be the maximum speed of downloading files. But there are factors independent of you.

One of them is the number of users who download and distribute the file. For example, if you download the file at maximum speed, and she plummeted. It may then happen that the user who distributes, turned off the computer, or he had disconnected the Internet. So the torrent is downloaded slowly. Or other users also to upload the file, that is, increased number of peers distributing the traffic is now distributed to them. This may also be the reason for the slow download of the torrent. Thus, note the number of seeders (seeders) and leechers (leechers) before loading the file.

Also the speed of the torrent can depend on the internal settings and the torrent client. Check to see if there are speed limits download. To do this, go to "Settings" in your app, for example, M-torrent, look for the item "Maximum download speed". In some programs, these restrictions can be set from the context menu on the program icon in the system tray. Check how many files are simultaneously downloaded, if it is two or more, the volume of your Internet channel is divided evenly between them.

The slow download speed of the torrent file can be a consequence of the fact that the computer is running the programs which is connected with the Internet. They also take the Internet connection. For example, instant messaging, post agents. Some apps can be auto-updating, best to disable it.