For website promotion in the first place has the value of the content. To begin make home page. Write about yourself and your business, its benefits, its history, its activities and opportunities that you offer to your customers. From the first lines declare who you are.
Each is available on the website or ordered from copywriters the text should be analyzed in terms of keywords and SEO optimization. All texts should contain keywords appearing in the semantic core of the site. To make it, you can analyze your competitor's sites and use the services of Yandex wordstat. Pay attention to the presence in the pages H1, Title, Description. The titles of the pages require optimization, the captions of the images too.
A good solution to promote running your own news feeds on the website. It should be visible on the main page. In the news the easiest to demonstrate to readers that the site is constantly updated, that life in your company boils that the team can be proud of what the company branches are opened that you spend sales and publish new articles on the website. The news congratulates the readers happy holidays and held a drawing among Internet users.
Add website not less than 100 text pages with very useful SEO-optimized articles. The texts should be written with the occurrence of the desired keyword and elaborate titles relating to the theme of your activities. Articles and are the main engine of the site in the long term. You can also write articles about the company: history education, cooperation of each specialist section with video and photo gallery. One of the secrets of "SEO" - inclusion of key words in the first 300 characters of the article and the last. In the text volume 2-3 thousand characters of the same keyword should be at least 3-5 times and once in the header.
Add site to over 1000 directories and acquire indexed links to other sites. This is the so-called "reference mass" which will be the main "fuel" of website promotion. Sponsored links to third-party sites provide an increased citation index (TCI). It is important to raise the website in search engine results. These procedures should be done after internal revision of texts of the site. Usually purchased links in directories and on the exchanges. You can start small – add 50-100 free directories manually. Positive effect links in social networks, question-answers of the major sites, forums, comments to articles and news, etc. the Effect of reference promotion will only be visible after 3-4 months.
The right sales tool — the Internet-newsletter. Learn to write sales letter that sell "leads". To score your own base of subscribers, it is necessary to set the site form to add the email address and promise anything to the reader, in gratitude for the subscription. And only gaining 200-500 addresses, it is possible (and useful) to start to promote the site through regular newsletters.
The promotion of sites in the network by means of direct advertising and SMM. The first is contextual advertising in Yandex and Google ads. The second is the promotion in social networks, groups of subscribers and advertising. To register in social networks on behalf of the company and post news, gaining subscribers, afford any new. It doesn't cost a penny. And about advertising, in case of any urgency, you can either contact the experts (and fork), and it is possible to wait a little until the site itself, due to the previously done action optimization will not be on top of se.