So, below will be discussed certain rules which are pretty simple, but effective. Following these rules will help any user to achieve the desired result.

Easy. The site should be understandable and accessible for each user to work with it not had any difficulties. If you achieve this ease fails, then guaranteed regular visits to its Internet users and visits - an indicator of the popularity and success of the website, which undoubtedly affects the result of the operation of the site.

Graphics. Here everything is simple. Importantly, restraint and balance. The site should be pleasant to the perception that there is a desire to visit it again. It does not need to use too bright background colors or text, it is best to stick with something quiet and soft.

Information. What is contained on the website is very important. Users visit web pages for information and to get needed information, and to attract them, you need to choose these details. Therefore, the content must be unique and interesting, something completely different from what is available on other sites.

Freedom. In this case we are talking about users. They should be simple, easy and comfortable on the website. All that they might need all sorts of functions, some references required categories - all of which should be in front of them, then they are guaranteed to be satisfied from visiting the site.

These rules are very simple. They will help to create the right website, and eventually make it a success. Plus to these rules, of course, necessary to use a number of methods to raise website on top positions of search engines and make it popular. But we should not forget that in this case the main thing is to use only approved methods, in order not to be left with nothing. All this together will bring long-term positive result and, of course, achieve the main goal – make money at the expense of the created site.