Unfortunately, the Internet is full of bad recommendations about tips, and even fraud, associated with the promotion of Your website.

So, what should you do when promoting your website ...

  • 1 - do Not spam your advertising message!

This is the basic rule. SPAM - sending large number of messages via e-mail or via newsgroups, chat rooms, etc .. the Spam will create more enemies than the benefits that you want. There is a possibility that a large number of people will turn on the filters your messages so that they will no longer receive them, regardless of their content, in the future. In addition, some providers also set filters for spam, and your messages will simply get to the filters.

  • 2 - don't pay for the registration in the search engines.

"Send information about your website in 500 directories for just 250 rubles!" - familiar with such ads? It's a waste of money. There are no 500 or even 100 directories which are worth submitting your website. They have long been in emergency of the search engines.

  • 3 - don't waste time on too many advertising platforms.

Send information about your website in several main directories yourself it will not take much time. Look for specialized directories that match the content of your website. Don't waste time on irrelevant search engines or links of children's parties.

  • 4 - don't forget to register in Yandex.

Yandex is the most important directory in the Internet.

  • 5 - Never send data for the search engines before the site is ready for visitors.

Check your site carefully and make sure that every part of the website is ready for visitors. Many users never return to your website, if you see messages such as "under construction" or if the site will be dead (invalid) links.

  • 6 - don't forget to include your site address in your contacts.

It's amazing how some companies spend money on creating a web site, and then forget to do this important thing. Your website URL should be printed on every place where you specify the phone number of your company.

  • 7 - do Not rely on black magic.

There are many tricks that are mentioned in the various newsgroups and mailing lists, which promises to raise your rankings in the search engines. "Loading your page with invisible keywords in a word, the establishment of a special doorway pages with special content (only for 5000 RUB.)". Don't be fooled. It's impossible.

  • 8 - don't put garbage on your website, especially the fact that you do not want to see themselves.

Most of you have a test site or sites with different material that You keep on the web server, but do not want to publicly advertise. Create a text file with the name "robots.txt" and place it in the root directory of your website. This file should contain a list of pages or directories that you do not want indexed by search engines.

  • 9 - feel free to measure your traffic.

One of the ways to better promote your site is to use some program that will give you information about your visits to individual pages. You will learn from what search engines visitors are coming from, what keywords used to get to your site. These data will be valuable to you, you will understand how to further develop the content of your site.

  • 10 - When you're finished, don't stop!

Website promotion is an ongoing job. Don't stop even for a moment constantly work on the improvement of the website.