You will need
  • computer;
  • - program-video player;
  • - soundtrack to the film.
Run the program for viewing videos, which supports switching of audio tracks, for example, Media Player Classic or Kmplayer. Next, open the movie in which you want to enable Russian translations. To do this, select "File" – "Open". Either click on the file, right-click and select "Open with", click the program you want.
Or just drag the file into the application window. Next, open the context menu anywhere on the playback select "Audio" - displays the list of tracks included in the film. To select just click it.
Connect extra track with Russian translation, for this download the appropriate audio file, copy it to the folder with the movie. The name of the sound file need to be changed similar to the video, for example, kino.avi, kino.mp3.
Start the video playback application, e.g. Media Player Classic. Right click mouse on video and select "Audio", then specify the name of the track that you want to connect to the video. Thus, you can watch the film with a Russian voice acting, as well as any other sound.
Run Light Allow, to add the Russian translation in the video. Press F10 to open the settings window, go to the tab "Sound". Near the option "sound Output path and the default" select from the drop down list the value "2". Also install the switch in the "Load mp3 file". Click "OK" and exit the program.
Then call the video file context menu, select "Open with", choose Light Allow, in playback must be added Russian voice. To mix it with the original, press Ctrl+A. In the pop-up window you can enable the Russian track and the original at a time and place for each of your volume level to hear simultaneously two options for scoring the film.