Install any software translator. Really good to translate any text can only be a living person, machine translation is always very conditional and contains many gross errors. It is preferable to ask someone to translate the labels for you, however if this is not possible, the automatic option is acceptable, in addition extremely quick.
"Pull out" subtitles from a video file. This can be done with the help of a program corresponding to the format of the film: for .mp4 YAMB suitable for .mkv - MKVToolnix. The principle of their use is almost always the same: select the desired file, select all the signatures that you want to extract, and click extract. At the end you should have a file format .srt. If the titles were originally saved in this format, there is nothing to do not need.
Download and install Subtitle Workshop.
Start the software and open a previously saved .srt file.
Press Ctrl + U or go to menu Edit->Translation->Translator mode. The window view will change: the bottom will appear a new field for input and the right column is filled with warnings about "empty titles".
Go to menu->Settings - > Settings->General->Charsets and specify as target language Russian (russian).
Click on any phrase in the main field – it will appear below in the edit box. Please note that every sentence in any case have to translate manually.
Set translator "interception from clipboard" and place the Windows of both programs so that they do not overlap each other. Every time you open the caption, "copy" it with Ctrl+C and the interpreter will automatically give you Russian version of the replica. It only remains to copy it into the appropriate field (preferably after checking for consistency).
Save both versions of the subtitles with the appropriate item in the File menu. Open the video, turn off all captions, starting at the default, and "drag" the file with subtitles from Windows Explorer to the window with the video. All signatures will be transferred.