You will need
  • - mobile phone support MMS;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Configure the phone to receive MMS messages. To do this, first activate the service, dial the combination *109*210# and press the call button. Or atrevete message to the number 1040001. This service is free. Activation of MMS will be held during the day.
Customize your phone to receive the MMS message in the MTS-Ukraine. To receive automatic settings send SMS message to the number 1020, in the text, specify number 2. To manually configure MMS on your phone, go to select your phone model or operating system, if you use a smartphone, and enter settings based on the recommendations on the website.
Follow these steps if your phone service does not support MMS messages. In this case, when your number will be sent such a message, you will receive an SMS containing a special code. To view MMS message, use the "My MMS", it allows you to view all incoming MMS messages, if sending to phone failed. To do this, click on the following link
Open the SMS message that you received, it will contain approximately such a text "You have received a MMS, you can get it on the website". This service will be valid for three days after receiving SMS. Enter your phone number in the format 380######### in the MSISDN field in the "ID message" enter the password you received in the SMS message.
After entering all necessary information click "go to album". The screen will display the MMS sent to you, which you can save to your computer. This way you will be able to receive the MMS message if there is no possibility to view it on the phone.