Go to the official website of the mobile operator "MTS" at In the upper pane, select the section "Private customers", click on "messaging". To the left will appear a menu where you must select SMS. Under "Opportunities" click the link "SMS/MMS from the site" and select "Send SMS".
Fill in the message form. Enter the recipient's phone number and select your phone. Enter a text message up to 140 characters. After that, click "Next". To your number will receive a message with a verification code. Enter it in the corresponding line and click "Send". This method is suitable only for subscribers of "MTS".
Download page send SMS on the website of the operator "MTS Ukraine" This method of sending a message allows you to use the service any person, even if he does not own a mobile. However, the message can be sent only to subscribers of"MTS Ukraine". Enter the recipient's phone number, write your message and click "Send".
Use the services of messengers like ICQ, QIP or Mail.Agent. They allow you to send free SMS messages to MTS numbers of contacts. Just click twice with the left mouse button on the appropriate person to select the function "Send SMS", enter the text and confirm the sending. If a contact is not listed his phone number, you can enter this information.
Send free SMS to the subscriber "MTS" through specialized sites. For example, you can use the link Many sites provide such services for free to advertise their services and to increase the flow of visitors. Enter the recipient phone number, message, security code, and click "Send". This service is available to subscribers of any operator.