Use fireweed becomes apparent to those who prefer him before tea "overseas", black or green. It supports circulatory system, helps to remove free radicals from the blood. Improves its composition vitamins b and C as well as iron, copper, manganese, contained in the willow-tea.
Fireweed improves metabolic processes in the body, stabilizes the digestive organs. Normalizes the activity of the intestines, restores intestinal microflora by using the items included in the Ivan-tea (tannin, vitamin C).
Thanks to the enveloping effect and content in Ivan-tea, anti-inflammatory, tannins, vitamin C and trace elements has a preventive effect against various kinds of infectious diseases, dysbiosis, heartburn, gastric ulcer.
Use fireweed indisputable to support men's health. Being the "men's grass" (talking about even the name itself), having anti-inflammatory, preventive action, increases the potency, helps in the treatment of BPH.
Ivan-tea normalizes blood pressure because of its diuretic action.
Koporye tea balances the mental and emotional condition thanks to the vitamin (reduces headache, relieves migraine headaches, reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures, improves sleep). Acts as a light sedative without causing addiction.
The presence of Ivan-Chai organic acids in combination with magnesium helps the release of bile, releasing the bile duct.
Koporye tea is a powerful drink against the manifestations of allergic reactions.
Chlorophyll, tannins, members of the epilobium angustifolium, help the rapid healing of skin lesions.
In the flowers and leaves of the plant are organic compounds containing nitrogen, the use of fireweed in this case is a painkiller action.
Leaves Ivan-tea - natural cleaners of the body of toxins. Are the morning "antipohmelin", cleansing the body from alcohol poisoning.
In the use of fireweed gradually come to normal organs of the endocrine system.
Having in its composition of antioxidants, this tea helps in the fight against cancer by blocking the cancer cells. Cancer patients Koporye tea restores power, reducing the toxicity of the body.
Due to the substances in Ivan-tea (organic acids, vitamin C), slow down the aging process of the skin.
You can make Ivan-tea pregnant women and young children, as it lacks caffeine. Epilobium angustifolium helps strengthen the immune and nervous system. This drink has virtually no contraindications, but the benefits of fireweed has proven its application, because before the introduction of the Russian market of black and green teas people drank a tea made from this plant.