First of all you should know when to collect fireweed. The collection time depends on the region. For example, in the southern part of Russia the mass flowering of this plant occurs in late June or early July; in the North – in the 20s of July.
Tea will suit you leaves. If you want to prepare kipany honey, you need flowers. In any case, it is not necessary to pull out fireweed with root, better cut the stem in the middle so you keep the root system and next year will be able to come to the edge of the forest and to gather medicinal plants.
You ask, where grows the willow-herb? To answer this question, you should know that he loves the sun, so it grows in open Sunny areas, edges. Ivan tea blossoms, it can grow on vacant places formed after a fire and the felling of the forest zone. Here near the water plant not to look, as it absolutely does not tolerate wet soil and air.
There are several varieties of the willow. For example, forest willow to use is not necessary, as its application may adversely affect human health. But how to distinguish? Yes, elementary. Just look at the appearance of the plant. Ivan-tea is a relatively high plant-from 70 cm to 200 cm, while the fireweed reaches only 15 cm.
Suppose you have collected the leaves of fireweed. What's next? Now you must do the leaves are limp, place them in a dry place, that is to lay a newspaper and tip them. Try to avoid drying out the plants.
Then roll up the sheets into tubes, put in an enamel pan with a layer of 5 cm, cover with a slightly damp cloth and store overnight in a warm place.
In the morning remove Mature willow-herb and finely chop. Vysypite plant on a baking sheet and within the hour, dry in the oven at low temperature. Welding for tea ready.