If you are doing or going to do the repair, you will find quite a few difficulties to be faced. We will examine how to hang Wallpaper with their hands in the apartment. Consider the most common issues associated with wallpapering.

How to prepare walls and quickly to remove old Wallpaper

Just note that Wallpaper everyone can - it's not difficult. You first need to prepare the surface on which you are going to glue.

It can be ceiling or walls. To remove the old Wallpaper from the walls or ceiling, pre-wet them with warm water using a roller or wide brush. After they soaked, they will depart much faster and easier.

Use medium or wide spatula to remove the remnants of Wallpaper. If necessary, re-wet the walls.

  • Very carefully handle the water near outlets and switches - do not soak them. For security purposes, be sure to wear rubber gloves. If you smooth out the ceiling, it does not hurt and goggles.

After I removed the old Wallpaper, you need to equalize walls - wipe convexity and plug the holes. To whittle down high areas, use the sandpaper or drilling grid. If the surface is very uneven, the best option is to putty. If this is not possible, though, you need to repair point. Otherwise, bumps will be visible after wallpapering.

How to hang Wallpaper

Prepare the surface where you will cut Wallpaper. It should be clean to avoid staining. Since the height of the walls may vary in different parts of the room, I recommend to cut and glue the strips one at a time. Work should be conducted in a closed wind room. Otherwise the glue will dry too quickly and unevenly, and then the Wallpaper will come off.

In the beginning be sure to Prime all surfaces. Use either a specialized primer under the Wallpaper, or mix half of the recommended amount of glue and treat all the walls. This treatment will not let the glue soak in quickly and the Wallpaper will not peel after drying. Wait 10-15 minutes until the walls will absorb a little primer and we can start glueing.

To hang Wallpaper you need to start with the corners. Depending on the width of the selected paintings of note from the corner vertical line width of one line minus 2 centimeters. It is necessary that the Wallpaper took a corner and moved to the adjacent wall.

Apply glue on wall and palate the first strip of Wallpaper exactly on the marked line, smoothing the Wallpaper to the side of the angle. Gently smooth all areas using a plastic spatula for Wallpaper or with a cloth and remove excess glue from the edges.

Next you need to cut with a knife montagnaga section of Wallpaper that have fallen on the adjacent wall. For this prestavlja in the corner of the flat edge of a spatula and cut it with a knife.

The next strip should be glued tightly to the continuation of the first - joint to joint. We can not tolerate gaps between the strips and overlap each other. Starting a new wall, you need every time again to mark a line, as in the case of the first strip.

Most importantly - make sure to avoid areas that are not covered by glue, and just wipe the glue on the ceiling and cornices.