You will need
  • Plumb, level, ruler, knife, scissors, brush, sponge, brush, container for glue, putty knife, putty, plaster, gauze
Prepare tools and materials for wallpapering. You will need a plumb Bob, Builder's level, ruler or meter, sharp knife, scissors, clean cloths. For ease of applying the adhesive to the Wallpaper it is advisable to use a special wide brush. Not do without sponges, brushes and containers for glue.
Prepare the walls under gluing. After preparation the surface must be dry and smooth. First remove the layer of old Wallpaper, if any. Not to tear off part of the plaster, pre-soak the old Wallpaper with warm water and leave it for a while. Then, using wire brush or putty knife clean the wall of old Wallpaper, making a movement from top to bottom.
Cleaned from old Wallpaper, the surface rinse with clean water and inspect to check the walls for cracks. If cracks are discovered, they should be cover up with putty. For the treatment of mould or mildew, use special tools. The treated surface of the dry wall.
For the preparation of dry wall plaster use plaster solution, which should zashpatlevat the joints of plates. Then glue the joints with gauze and again fill. After drying the treated area clean with sandpaper. If the surface of the wall has hats from nails or screws, push them into the wall, fill the depression that is dry and also sand the sandpaper.
Prepare glue for Wallpaper. The choice of adhesive will depend not on the nature of the surface and the type of Wallpaper that you intend to use. Often on the rolls of Wallpaper there are instructions for gluing and recommendations on the choice of the adhesive composition. General recommendations for the preparation of adhesives are as follows: add the powder to cold water, rapidly stir, leave for a few minutes, then stir again.The technology of gluing Wallpaper on the plaster wall is practically no different from pasting different surfaces. The main thing at work is to be neat and clean.