Where to hang a TV in the room?

The answer to this question depends on what the purpose of the dwelling. If you want to place the TV in the living room, it is better to do it at eye level of a seated person. The fact that the living room is often a comfortable sofa and armchairs, watching TV living in the apartment and the guests will be sitting.

At what distance from the couch to the TV set depends on its diagonal. The bigger it is the farther distance. For example, TV 21-inch experts recommend a distance of 2,5-3 meters. Be aware that closer than a meter to the TV is better not to approach. Although modern models have minimal radiation, such proximity to the device is harmful to the eyes.

The TV in the bedroom can be set up on a low stand or table, as watch it would be lying. The modern solution is to hang the TV on the ceiling. Flat models and smart TVs are ideal for this.

How to choose a location for the TV?

When choosing a place for your TV, please note that it was near the outlet. If you are going to connect to a TV with a DVD player, gaming console, karaoke, outlets should be several. You can use the extension "Pilot" or even the repair to schedule multiple outlets in the wall.

The TV should not be placed in front of the window - otherwise the image will not be visible in bright sunlight.

Do not install the TV in a tight niche - it can overheat in the summer.

Helpful hint: near the TV (over it, under it), place the shelf. It will be possible to put attached to the TV, the gadgets, put the remote. As if the house is smart TV, on a shelf will comfortably accommodate a keyboard and mouse.