Cherry is a stone garden culture, growing as a Bush or a tree. Cherry tree reach a height of up to five meters and are most common in the South of black earth and North Caucasus. In the middle zone of Russia is more common Bush varieties of cherry, reaching a height of three meters. With regard to fruit ripening data of horticultural crops, it depends on their place of growth and variety. Currently, there are cherry early maturity ("Memory", "Enikeeva", "Sania"), to feast on the fruits of which are already in the middle of June, middle ("Youth", "Octave", "Radonezh"), maturing in early July, and late ("zhuravka", "Labska", "Rusinka"), fruiting in late July - early August. It should be noted that the time of maturation of all the above varieties of this provided that orchard crops are grown in the Central part of Russia, the ripening of the same varieties located in the southern regions, there comes a little earlier.

If you have decided on your plot to plant a few bushes of cherry, we suggest that when purchasing seedlings to prefer regionalized varieties (varieties recommended for cultivation in your region). In addition, be sure to ask about the yield of horticultural crops, disease resistance, winter hardiness, and the size and taste of berries. For example, the largest and most delicious fruits of the cherries varieties "Volochaevka", "Youth", "Memory Enikeeva", the most resistant to kokkomikoza are Turgenevka, "Robin", "Brunette", monilia "Oleoresin", "chocolate".

As cherry - very photophilous plant and more demanding than Apple and pear trees, planting and care should be taken with the utmost seriousness. Unfollow to put the data horticultural crops on heavy clay soils, peatlands, areas with poor lighting, the lowlands, etc. the best option for planting - well-lit South side of the plot with sod-podzolic soil, on the North side which has a fence or structure protecting from cold winds.