Cleaning computer keyboard

To clean the keyboard of a desktop computer at home from pollution of various kinds available, you must perform the following actions:

- turn off the computer and disconnect the keyboard;

- turn it keys down, gently knock with the palm of body, tapping a key to loosen the debris stuck between them;

for a more complete cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in blow mode to blow air flow the distance between the keys;

- to clean the keyboard keys you need on a cotton swab to apply a small amount of cleaning fluid and wipe with a lateral and outer surfaces;

wet a lint-free cloth moistened with cleaning fluid, carefully wipe the surface and the keyboard housing. To clean the keyboard you can use a spray designed for cleaning electronic equipment;

- wipe the keyboard with a dry microfiber cloth.

To clean the keyboard more thoroughly, remove the key, but be sure to remember their location. This requires a flat head screwdriver gently pry off and gently press to remove it. Removing all the keys, should a vacuum cleaner to blow out the gathered dust and debris. Keys thoroughly rinse cleansing fluid, wipe dry and assemble the keyboard. Before you connect the keyboard you have to make sure it is completely dry.

Features clean keyboard membrane-type

In some modern keyboards each key has a rubber membrane that is similar to a small cap. So cleaning keyboards of the membrane type has a slight difference.

To clean the keyboard with a membrane under the keys, perform the following:

- screwdriver to remove the key and membrane to collect in a separate box;

- wipe the keyboard with a damp cloth using a cleaning liquid, while in hard to reach areas use the cotton buds, swabs and tweezers;

alternately place in a strainer and membrane keys, add liquid drain cleaner, leave them in this state for a few minutes, then rinse with hot water and lay on paper towel;

- using a cotton swab, lubricate the key with the inner side of silicone lubricant and let it dry;

- assemble the keyboard, setting the keys on the membrane and place.

Methods of cleaning a laptop keyboard

Cleaning laptop keyboard should be approached with extreme care and caution and try not to remove the key. This is due to the fact that the keys in the laptop are fragile linkage. Therefore, in order to clean your laptop keyboard thoroughly, it is better to address to experts of service center.

For external cleaning of the keyboard, do the following:

- to disconnect the laptop from the mains, remove the battery;

vacuum cleaner or with a special can of air to blow out underneath the keys there is accumulated debris.

- moisten the cloth cleaning liquid and gently, with no effort to wipe the keyboard. Excessive pressure can disrupt the key lever mechanism and cause damage to the laptop;

- after wet cleaning wipe the keyboard with a dry towel and allow it to dry completely.

In case of contamination of the keyboard buttons can sink, and not responsive to the touch, but if you clean your keyboard by these methods, it will last for years and will allow us to type texts.