You will need
  • Screwdriver "-", needle.
Many laptops, which is lined with rows of shops have the same principle of mounting the keyboard. It is secured in notebookx either snaps or is screwed to the base case. All actions in this instruction will be done on the laptop, which became very popular.
Acer Aspire, as in other laptop's, latches 4 to 6 pieces: 4 pieces are on top (closest to the screen) and 2 pieces on the sides. I would like to mention that there are laptops with a different form of mounting of the keyboard: it is screwed to the base of his body.
How to clean <b>keyboard</b> <strong>notebook</strong>
To clean keyboard, need to remove it. This operation is performed in several steps:
- slide a screwdriver upper end of the latch, with lift a small part of the keyboard. To do this, it is possible to pry the needle and gently pulling on the key "Esc" and "E ~". If You accidentally fly off the keys, after cleaning the keyboard, they can be put in place;
How to clean <b>keyboard</b> <strong>notebook</strong>
- after you raised part of the keyboard with a needle, push the screwdriver to the second latch;
- move the needle to place the second latch and also gently lift the keyboard;
How to clean <b>keyboard</b> <strong>notebook</strong>
after the release of the third latch may safely take the vacated keyboard arm;
after the latest release latch, lift up the entire keyboard , you'll see that the keyboard is connected by ribbon cable to the laptop;
How to clean <b>keyboard</b> <strong>notebook</strong>
- carefully turn over the keyboard and lift the black bar, pulling the ribbon cable;
- clean keyboard, using wet wipes is alcohol-based;
- attach the keyboard to the laptop in the reverse order.
How to clean <b>keyboard</b> <strong>notebook</strong>