When choosing a boat, you have to consider that a universal model does not exist, so the main criteria should be where and how the purchased product will be used.

Materials for inflatable boats

Modern inflatable boats are often made of PVC or Hypalon. If we talk about the strength of these materials, Hypalon is more durable. He also has a high degree of resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. As for the PVC, its strength characteristics are much lower, however, PVC boats are cheaper, and to repair them when the need arises is quite simple. Choosing a boat, you should definitely pay attention to the warranty period of the product, as the higher it is, the higher the quality of the product.

With motor or oars: what kind of inflatable boat to choose?

Inflatable boats can be as rowing and equipped with a motor. To travel a short distance (example in small bodies of water) a rowing boat is the best option. However, not everyone fits this type of inflatable swimming facilities. To travel by rowing boat, you need to be in good physical shape. Those who do not want to exert extra effort, it is better to buy mounted motor for rubber boats.

What to look for when choosing an inflatable boat

Choosing an inflatable rubber boat, the first thing to pay attention to the seams. They should not be visible traces of glue. The material around joints should match in color with the rest of the material from which made the boat. Great if pasted over the seams of the protective tape to protect the seams from tearing and abrasion.

Another detail that is necessary to pay attention to when buying the boat – the transom, which should be strong.

It is very important to determine such parameters as the size, capacity and weight of the boat, and proceeding from them, to choose the right model. It is necessary beforehand to know whether attached to the product pump and spare materials.