You will need
    • The main ingrediet: milk (1 l)
    • ice cream (200 g)
The easiest method of preparation of milk cocktail at home is to make it from ingredients always at hand. 1.5 litres of milk will need 200 grams of vanilla ice cream, a few ice cubes and a cherry (or any other) jam.
Mix all ingredients in a blender, pour into glasses and enjoy.
If the first recipe you think is too common, make a strawberry milkshake. Whisk the strawberries and ice cream, add milk and whisk again.
Natural aroma and a sweet and sour taste will make you smile even in the hardest day.
If you love to milkshake was thick and sweet, add to ice cream one banana. It will give the cocktail a "tropical" flavor, and you can imagine yourself somewhere in the Maldives.
By the way, if you add to this cocktail a bit of coconut, the pleasure is definitely doubled.
Generally, in a milkshake, you can add any ingredients, if only they were to your taste.
In any of the suggested cocktails can add nuts, raisins, candied fruits and even honey!