You will need
  • - blender
  • - milk
  • ice cream
  • - fruits and berries
  • - syrup
  • - muesli
Cut into large pieces fried ice cream - the best fit for this classic vanilla ice cream with the highest percentage of fat. Put pieces of ice cream in a bowl or Cup with high walls, to the beating as not to dirty your kitchen.
Add to ice cream milk, the more milk, the thinner will be the cocktail.
Now turn on the blender with a nozzle "Corolla" and beat the milk and ice cream until fluffy smooth. In a few minutes we get a classic milkshake!
Now, if you want to get fruit or berry with a cocktail, you can add the resulting drink any chopped fruit or berries. To make the drink more nutritious, you can add to the muesli. Again, all carefully beat with a mixer. If the child does not want to eat in the mornings porridge, can make this cocktail with the addition of oatmeal. Hearty, tasty, useful and fast.
Pour the drink in beautiful transparent glass from top to pour any syrup, serve with a straw.