Many Housewives have sought to reproduce a milk cocktail McDonald's in my kitchen. Tried many methods – the use of frozen milk, use ice cream and even add in a cocktail of cottage cheese (for greater density).
The most popular recipe is this: you must take 600 ml good creamy ice cream, add 200 ml of chilled milk and any flavorings (e.g., melted chocolate, fruit or jam). Then carefully on high speed to whip cocktail with a mixer or in a blender until a dense thick foam. Immediately pour into tall glasses and optionally garnish with whipped cream, cinnamon, fruit pieces.
The author of the recipe claims that this milky cocktail is obtained just like the famous cocktail McDonald's. And now you have a real chance to test this assertion or to discover the secret of making this beloved dessert. Indeed, in April, McDonald's arranges open Days throughout Russia! Only two days - April 14 and 15 , it will be possible to get into the "Holy of holies" of McDonald's restaurants – in the kitchen! That's where all the excitement happens, that's where the action is happening and the real magic. The kitchen is the heart and soul of any restaurant. To get to the kitchen, then in detail to understand how the institution, to learn all the nuances of cooking and used the secret ingredients.
In addition, it will be possible to ask absolutely any questions you might have employees McDonald's and get satisfactory answers, that is, first hand.Complete list of restaurants and invites to open Days, can be found on the website of McDonald's. On tour April 14 and 15 can be booked by phone 8-800-100-90-96. Hurry, seats are limited!