Many new buildings appearing everywhere, attract the attention of people who would like to expand their homes, buy something new, and spacious. Some people turn to a professional realtor make in the house repair, but there are those who prefer to use a plot for sale of the apartment.

Through this ritual, you can get rid of even the old housing located in the wrong place.

Plot for sale apartments most often based on trying to appeal to brownie, the forces of the elements, use special items, made with a special ritual. Each of the proposed methods affect the process of selling real estate in different ways, but they are very effective.

The successful sale of a house or apartment

Wednesday or Thursday - only one of these days, you can perform the ritual at sunrise. In addition, during this period, the Moon must be rising. In General all the rites and not just a conspiracy to sell the apartment, to when the young moon.

Before you say the word conspiracy, you need to say out loud the Lord's prayer" exactly 12 times. Then clearly, but softly to pronounce the following magic words:

Golden rapids of blue beams, window, silver, malachite floors, the diamond wall. Home enjoy, but don't bargain, will go anywhere, has a better find. Amen."

No matter what kind of property one intends to sell the house or apartment, the words of conspiracy not necessary to change. Efficiency will only suffer.

Urgent sale

As quickly as possible to sign the contract of sale will have to resort to using a house. This plot for sale apartments just drawn to him. First of all, you need to be in the apartment cleaning: dirt and dust is cleaned thoroughly, even in places difficult to access. Over the bucket of dirty water you need 3 times to read the words of a conspiracy:

"Four corners, Domino, and my house, disown you from the locks of the doors, from the four corners and a brownie. Who me for you the money will bring, that you take. Amen. Amen. Amen."

A bucket of water poured on the road. This procedure should hold all alone so that nobody noticed this. In addition, at this time to talk with anyone, is strictly prohibited. However, if it did happen, the ritual must be held again the next day.

Ritual beans for sale apartments

This plot sale of apartments is carried out using grains. They should be enough to under each of the four corners of the house enough. At dawn on Wednesday, each grain needs to be spread out in the corners. The moon on this day should be growing. On every grain it is necessary to read the following magic words:

"Golden grain, the corners lie, happiness in the home guard. How come a rich merchant, you get cozy here Yes, marvelous to tell, the sweet life, seduce. So for good he decided to stay here with their money to part.

Grain should be left there until the sale. Before leaving the apartment the seeds need to collect and take them to nature, for example, in the forest. There planted in the ground and say thanks for the help.