To prepare a simple but at the same time delicious and beautiful loaf of pita need a minimum of time: some of the options you will spend no more than ten minutes, even on more complex recipes you will work no more than an hour. This type of cold snack is made very simple: lay on the table the pita, spread it evenly on the filling, roll into a roll. It is desirable to remove the starter in the fridge for one to two hours, wrapped in a plastic bag. Chilled dish cut into serving pieces. For colorfulness loaf of pita bread can be decorated with parsley.

Filling for pita bread may combine different products, the main thing that was appetizing and healthy.


Will need two hundred grams of salted salmon and cream cheese, a bunch of dill. Greens finely chop and mix with liquid cheese. This mass is used for the lubrication of the pita, so it was not dry. Only after hydration of the reservoir to put the chopped fish.

With Korean carrot

Prepare one egg, a packet of processed cheese, dill, one hundred grams Korean carrot and a few tablespoons of mayonnaise. Crumble all the ingredients and stir well.


Filling for pita bread with chicken is prepared with boiled or smoked chicken breast, one hundred and fifty grams of hard cheese, two eggs, cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of mayonnaise-sour cream mixture. All ingredients, except fillets, mix in a blender and spread them on the cake. Grind meat for their subsequent location on pita bread.

Ham and cheese

To lubricate pita bread with crushed garlic clove and mix with two tablespoons of Greek yogurt. Cut small cubes of cheese and ham to combine with grated cucumber, which is Packed with the appetizer.