Toppings for the rolls with pita bread can be so diverse that in the course can come as quite expensive products, and those that just stayed in the fridge from yesterday's dinner. It is important to only take a creative approach to cooking this dish.

Rolls with cheese and vegetables

For this dish you will need:
- 2 sheets of thin pita;
- a little bit of mayonnaise;
- 50 g asparagus and carrots, cooked in Korean;
- 100 g string cheese.

Sheets of lavash should be lubricated with a thin layer of mayonnaise, then on the edge of each of them to spread evenly and not too thick layer the vegetables and cheese. To make the rolls form the leaves should be twisted as tightly as possible, and then put a couple of hours in the fridge to fix the shape. Then you need to cut the pita bread stuffed with a sharp knife into pieces of desired thickness and serve the dish on the table.
It is most convenient to coat the pita bread with mayonnaise with a special culinary brush made of silicone.

Rolls with smoked

In this recipe you can use any types of delicious meat products, whose shape allows to bend without damage to the contents. In addition to the filling of rolls in the form of carbonate, ham, cervical or other types of delicacies, you should take all the same mayonnaise for lubrication and lettuce to make the contrast taste.

The principle of creating a few different rolls: on a lightly greased mayonnaise pita bread across the plane laid out lettuce and thinly sliced meat, then rolled pita loaf and cut portions.

Rolls of pita with red fish

To get this festive snack is needed:
- 2 sheets of lavash;
- 250 g of salted salmon;
- 50 g of butter;
- dill;
- 1 lemon.

Butter before using to bring to room temperature and then applied to the entire surface of the sheets in a thin layer. On top of oil is laid out not less than a finely chopped fish which sprinkle with dill. On one edge of the sheets should lay out the slices of a lemon peel, then twist the rolls to cool and cut them.
Fish for stuffing, can be as gourmet varieties such as salmon, and available in pink.

Rolls with crab sticks

To create this available snacks only needed pita bread, crab sticks, black olives, pitted, pickles and mayonnaise to taste. Wand requires finely chop, mix with chopped olives and cucumber, loaded with the obtained minced meat with mayonnaise so that it is quite liquid for application to the pita. After spreading the stuffing over the entire plane will only make the pita loaf to cool and cut it.