When buying an apartment should remember that the options offered by real estate agencies and various real-estate firms also include the cost of intermediary services. The purchase of an apartment without intermediaries helps you to save a considerable sum of money. Apartment sold with a mark "urgently", as a rule, they are cheaper than the others.
After finding a suitable apartment, you should make an appointment with the owner or his representative to inspect the object of a potential transaction. Arriving at the apartment, you should establish friendly psychological contact with the seller but to point out the many advantages of the home is not worth it, even if it very much. The first step is to explore all the rooms of the apartment, it should be noted, that the owner of a well chosen Wallpaper, and to highlight a few items that will help to win him over.
In the next stage, the issue price is not worth discussing, but you need to reflect all the flaws that in your opinion may impede the acquisition of apartments. It can be an inconvenience for the location of rooms, distance from work or the subway station. It should also be noted that some elements of apartment need repair, replacement, and additional material attachments.
The most important point that follows directly after a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment – auction on price. Thus it is necessary to find out how much the landlord intends to obtain for the sale of the apartment and how much he intends to give when selling. If the owner of the dwelling does not can you quickly name the amount of possible concessions, we can propose our own version, putting several lower pricethat you can pay for the apartment, leaving the groundwork for bargaining on the rise.