First of all, before planting watermelon in the country it is necessary to determine the area where it will grow. It must be a Sunny place, preferably with sandy or sandy loam soil. Heavy clay soils, and black earth, for the watermelon will not fit. It is important to know the level of groundwater passing through this area. The root system of watermelon is large enough, it is powerful and is able to suck water from great depths, but waterlogged this culture does not like.

To protect plants from the cold North or West winds, with these parties it is possible to plant tall plants, such as corn or sunflower. However, this is done so that they do not shade the melons. The fruits of this culture will develop well at a temperature not below 15 degrees. It is advisable to grow watermelons seedlings that will accelerate ripening. The best predecessors for a watermelon will be sweet corn or bean plants. At the previous place of planting of watermelons, they can only return after 7-8 years.

Caring for watermelons

Need to weed and loosen the soil at the site with watermelons. Proper watering is very important for fruit ripening. Watering plants only warm water. Before flowering the plants need sufficient moisture, and with the onset of the period fruit, watering should be stopped. If the plants continue to be watered, it will grow watermelons savory and more watery. At each plant appear both female and male flowers, so even under plastic cover pollination will occur and fruit will tie.

To melons grew large enough on one shoot is not recommended to keep more than 5 of the ovaries. When the fruits become the size of an Apple, the growth of lashes limit, making them pinched. To avoid podgnivaniju watermelons under them it is better to put a plate or other suitable material. And the fruit ripened evenly on all sides, it from time to time need to turn. About a month after he formed the ovary, the fruits become suitable for consumption.