You will need
  • Watermelon, care.
Not in a hurry. Mature fruits appear towards the end of August. Such watermelons ripen naturally, without the use of nitrates. So the chance of poisoning is minimized. The safest time to buy sugar watermelon: mid August — end of September.
To consume melons imported from other countries, is not advised. The less stored watermelon after harvesting, the tastier it will be. Moreover, when transporting the berries are very perishable.
You should not buy watermelons from roadside traders and vehicles. Watermelon quickly absorbs harmful substances from the air. Feel free to ask the seller a certificate of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.
Do not trust the seller's choice of the fruit. It is easy to run into an unscrupulous dealer whose main purpose is to sell unsold goods.
Carefully look into the color. The fruit should have a dark color on the surface which are visible more light stripes.
Inspect the fruit carefully. It should not be dents, cracks, rotten areas. Unripe watermelons have a dull skin.
Mature fruit must have the characteristic symptom is yellowing spot of small size. This is the place which it is in contact with the ground.
People versed in watermelon, also draw attention to the stalk of berries. The so-called "tail" should not be completely dried. Yellow and a little dried fruit-stalk is a sign of maturity of the fruit.
Pat the watermelon. The Mature fruit should crackle and buzz. Also a ripe melon can be easily scratched with a fingernail.
The optimal size of a watermelon varies from 6 to 8 kg. Very large fruit are often raised on manures, on the contrary small - unripe.
Don't allow them to cut the watermelon at the point of sale. The sellers are very like to show off the ripeness of the fruit, cutting off a piece of it. No matter how clean did not seem to knife, it is easy possible to bring in the fruit of harmful bacteria, and food poisoning.
Wash the berries in soapy water with a sponge and rinse with lukewarm water several times. If in the process of washing, watermelon will not fall to the bottom, then you got the fruit is ripe.
Cut watermelon should always clean with a knife. Ripe fruit is sure to be a crackle and break up of the incision.
You should not eat a berry if it emits a sour smell. It is a sign of stale fruit.