You will need
  • Nylon thread with a thickness of 0.15 mm
  • Shuttle
  • Plank, whose height is equal to the width of the cell.
  • A small piece of rope
  • Floats for the network
  • Lead barrels
  • Nylon thread & cord
A small piece of rope to tie the ring and hook at eye level. Then tie him to the end of the thread. Then take the strap in your left hand (keeping it under a fixed piece of rope), and a hook attached to the fishing line in your right hand. Next, you need to throw the noose on the bar and thread through the Shuttle thread to the ring ropes.
Direct the free end of the thread down and press it with your finger to the strap. Thread the hook in the ring (consisting of three threads) on the right side, describing a loop around the ring on the left side. Tighten that noose into a tight little knot on the strap.
The first cell is ready. Repeat the above steps again to create the next cell, and so on until it is ready the first row of a fishing net.
After the series was completed, it is necessary to remove with strips. Start a new row exactly the same as the previous one.
When woven network of the desired size, pass it two cords of different colors. One of them – the one that is at the top of the network, attach the floats. Another, made of nylon, attach the barrels of lead (sinkers).