Contemporary Russian airlines have long developed rules of flights with a baby, ensuring comfort and safety is required. A long journey can scare parents because of nausea, which can appear in the baby or other inconveniences that may cause crying. To prepare for the flight with a child, it's important to know the requirements and capabilities of the top airlines, including S7, Rossiya, Transaero, Aeroflot and UТair.

If the earlier planes did not have the necessary equipment for the flight with a child under year, but now the situation has changed dramatically. According to the official UTair parents are not advised to plan a flight on a plane with a baby who is less than a week. In urgent cases the employees of the airlines are willing to take on Board babies in the presence of the parents ' written consent for removal from of responsibility for the child's condition during the flight. Parents must complete and sign two copies, one of which is given at the reception at the airport.

For domestic flights flights children under 2 years will be free, provided that the baby will remain in the hands of parents and will not take up additional seats. In practice, the flight attendants will try to find a more comfortable place for mother and child if the salon is not crowded with passengers. The fare for children under 2 years old on international flights will be only 10% of adult fare. If parents flying with one child, the children's plane ticket for the rest of the kids will be calculated at a special rate. Discounts can reach 50%, while every child can occupy a seat and will increase the limit for free baggage.

The company "Transaero" allows you to take into the cabin one pram type "cane" weighing up to 4.5 kg with maximum settings 53х27х97 see If parents hand over it in Luggage, the airport provides a temporary stroller. For easy flights with kids airlines offer special cradles, which are mounted on the back of the front seat. S7 company offers its passengers a free service with a pram to the ramp, as well as accommodation in cradles for babies. If the family is flying Aeroflot, then you want to use the cradles should notify the airline the day before departure.

Now the airlines help to organize the flight of the child on the plane with a child seat. It can be installed right on the seat at the window if the dimensions do not exceed 40x40 cm. For registration, parents should show the documents for the flight with a child, confirming the age of the child and a visa, if it is needed. If you purchase your tickets to alert the agent about the flight, the passengers will allocate places in the first row.

Choosing to fly flights by Rossiya, Aeroflot and UTair, you can be sure that for children older than three years will be provided with food. Most often in the children's diet consists of crackers, cheese, milk and juice. Usually baby food is made in advance on the website of the airline. The company "Transaero" and "Aeroflot" young children, passengers may travel kits with markers, coloring books and fun Board games.