Buying perennial flowers for the infield of the middle band, you need to specify how a particular kind of frost. Try to grow in spite of all prohibitions any instance, of course, possible. But hardly surviving in unsuitable conditions the plant is abundant until flowering. Is reasonable to choose those species that no special care and complex covering of events will please owners as flowers and decorative foliage.

Choose perennials according to the method of hibernation

The growth and development of perennial flowers in Central Russia is limited to only the warm period of the year in contrast to the tropics and subtropics. Although heat-loving perennials, wintering in the form of bulbs and tubers, can grow in fairly cold climate. Main concern – time to dig them and clean underground. From cold-hardy species, there are two: those that overwinter with maintaining their ground, and those who have it for the winter dies.

Perennial flowers the first group to meet in the middle latitudes is almost impossible. Despite the fact that these perennials are so many choices for the middle band is limited only by the hellebore, periwinkle, Yucca and bergenia. Unpretentious peonies are reborn every spring from the tree with powerful roots, which requires transplantation of up to 20 years. The life of the flowers themselves won't last as long but they are good in bed, and in a cut bouquet. This group include all types of daylilies, phloxes, irises, lupine, and delphinium.

How to spend the winter with comfort

Rose is also unable for several years to please owners of its flowering, if you provide them with protection in the winter. Enough to trim a rose Bush at the end of October, leaving the stems 10-15 cm, Spud him. For reliability you can sprinkle fallen leaves or sawdust. But only do not hurry to lay flowers at the first light frosts – it can destroy the plant. In the middle lane of the roses overwinter much better than in Siberia and the Urals, but if you have no experience in farming, it is best to start with hardy varieties: "Park", "Floribunda". Climbing roses will also root, but they require skillful pruning. To pink vines delivered less hassle, do not have to choose varieties of own-rooted and grafted to the hips.

In terms of winter shelter grows well in Central clematis, shelters require some types of Oriental lilies, Korean chrysanthemum. For the middle band is recommended clematis with small flowers. It is more cold-resistant. You can do much easier and to pick up such plants, which do not assert claims for wet weather and frost. "Palm" can be given a decorative flowering shrubs: lilac, barberry, hydrangea, spirea and many others. Unassuming groundcover species that are besides and shade: thyme, Epimedium, Ajuga, dead-nettle. These flowers are unlikely to gather in the bunch, but the decoration of the garden, they are unique.