When organizing a flower garden, it is very important to place the correct emphasis. Place it in the center of some beautiful flower bed. This will allow more advantageous to place the flowers attract maximum attention. The Central flowerbed can be a standalone part of the landscape and a certain element, overlapping with the secondary components of the flower garden.
Remember that it is better to create one great flower-bed, than be sprayed to the planting of many small. The simple lines will allow you to succeed. Large composition always looks more attractive, so plant flowers so that they were integrated. Well, if you are able to select varieties with a long flowering period, this will allow the flower garden to look fabulous throughout the season.
To make the flowers look maximum well-groomed, prefer dense planting. This will help to get rid of weeds, they just have nowhere to develop. To initially have a clear idea of the result, use grown flower pots or already flowering plants.
You will be easier if you will plan the flower garden, for example, draw an approximate outline on a sheet of paper. In addition, you should compile a list of plants you plan to plant by breaking them into groups by height and colour scheme. When selecting varieties it is necessary to consider the requirements for watering and fertilizing, and light conditions, some plants simply are not compatible with each other.
If you are creating a flower garden for the first time, you can use ready-made schemes too. In addition to colors and geometric shapes, diagram of the flower beds usually means a ready-made list of all the necessary plants. This method of creating a flower garden will allow you to gain experience in this field, and in the future you will be able to bring their own imagination, adding to an existing track or creating a new one.
For beginners in floriculture win-win solution could be the creation of ridges. This kind of garden, densely planted with flowers. Especially beautiful ridges, located along the garden paths on a background of grass, they almost do not need any additional decoration, and the narrow landings, to take care of flowers as comfortably as possible.