First, turn on the oven, let it is heated to 190оС. At this time you will cook the curd. Here's what you need for it:

- 360 g of homogeneous cheese;

- 2 tbsp sour cream of any fat content;

- 3 tbsp of sugar.

Mix all these components for three minutes using a blender or mixer.

Now you need to make biscuit dough. Take:

- 6 eggs;

- 155 g sugar;

- incomplete Cup of flour;

- a pinch of salt.

Separate the whites from the yolks. To the yolks add the sugar, whisk them with a mixer couple of minutes, add the flour, stir.

Well, if the eggs before that was in the fridge, then the whites well whipped. But even if they are not cold enough to quickly turn them into the foam will help a pinch of fine salt. Proteins whisk for a minute on low speed, then the rest of the time at large. Wait, when the cloud of foam will become white and supple. Then put in the yolk batter first 2 full scoops of protein, mix the dough.

It was a good consistency, now you can add the remaining whites and stir a lot already very careful to keep it airy.

Grease the molds with a piece of butter, lightly powder the sides and bottom with flour, pour 2/3 of the biscuit dough. Add rest of the curd mass, gently stir. Put the filling onto the pastry slightly and fit it with a spoon to the edges of the shape.

Bake cheesecake until Browning, usually it takes 30-35 minutes. While the cake is cooked, boil 500 ml of water, add 200 g of various fresh or frozen berries, let them boil for 5 minutes at low heat.

Mix 1 tbsp. of starch in 100 g cold water, pour in a thin stream in a berry compote, while stirring intensively. Turn off the heat. Delicious sweet sauce for cheesecake is ready, you can set the table for tea. Will pleasantly surprise guests!