You will need
  • - metal spatulas;
  • - level building;
  • - a piece of fabric;
  • bucket;
  • - bowl to paint.
  • - roller;
  • brush primer;
  • - brush for paint;
  • - the bar and the skin;
  • - a mixture for plaster;
  • - mix putty;
  • - primer;
  • - latex paint.
If you bought an apartment in an old house, you must thoroughly clean the walls from old materials. Wallpaper, old putty, paint, glue, the irregularities should be removed using a sharp spatula or knife. If necessary, you can even wash the walls with soap and water.
Next you need to plaster walls using plaster mixes. Plaster trowel, putty knife and a metal level. Plaster can be carried out by beacons, the level of beacons. Plaster on beacons will allow you to align the wall.
After drying of the plaster layers start to finishing of walls using special mortar - putty. Dry putty can be diluted with water using a mixer (nozzle on a drill) or by hand with a spatula. The solution is applied to the wall and smoothes with a metal spatula.
When dry the layer of putty, the walls need to be sanded. This is to ensure that the surface is smooth – to remove crumbs and small bumps. Sanding is carried out with the help of sandpaper, mounted on a special bar.
Prime the walls with a roller or a wide brush. It is necessary to remove the surface dust and to help paint adhere to the surface. After the primer paint will be less to soak into the wall, which will reduce its consumption.
Now start painting the walls. Before painting you need to stir the paint. If the paint was stored for some time, it must be a rare strain through a cloth or sieve, for the crumbs or residue. Paint the walls with a roller, the corners with a brush.