Virus herpes can be infected at any age. It is transmitted by kissing; if you use common napkins or towels; use common Cutlery; conduct promiscuous in other ways. The first symptoms of herpes on the lips are: tension in the lip, redness of the mucous membrane, throbbing pain and itching.The frequency of manifestations of herpes it is impossible to calculate. It is influenced by many factors. For example, a General weakening of the body, immunosuppression, exposure to UV light (frequent sun exposure, use of tanning, epilation, etc.). Aktiviziruyutsya disease and in warm climates, sharp cold.One of the causes of disease manifestations becomes stress, General malaise, exhaustion, a sharp weakening of immunity. Sometimes herpes occurs on the background of menstruation, during pregnancy, when there is a weakening of the immune system. During natural childbirth infection of the fetus. The baby can get the virus in utero and if the infection occurred during pregnancy and herpes is in an active stage and have not passed into the chronic form.Carefully spend shaving not to damage the skin. Chapped lips apply a chapstick. This also affects the manifestation of the infection. Observe the "right" diet avoid in the diet of fried, salty, fatty and sweet.Smoking and frequent coffee drinking also contributes to the appearance of herpes. The situation is worsened by consumption of alcoholic beverages.Genital herpes occurs as a result of chaotic change of partners and not cured infections. It is time to see a doctor, undergo regular checkups and use condoms.