You will need
  • - antiseptic gel or soap;
  • - individual personal hygiene and utensils;
  • - chlorine-based products;
  • - a condom.
First and foremost, a sick person needs to protect close relatives against infection. After treatment of the affected areas, wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic gel or soap. Use personal hygiene products, bed linen, towels, pour boiling. Use separate utensils after every meal wash with chlorine-containing agent. After using the toilet make disinfection of the toilet with chlorine agents. The virus may be present on the plastic up to 4-6 hours.
If you are infected with genital herpes through sexual contact use a condom, even if the external signs of the disease disappeared completely. But even condom use can't give the partner guarantees that he will not become infected. Poor quality or excessively porous latex easy to transmit herpes simplex virus, and in any case, putting himself in danger. Therefore, the best option will be complete abstinence from sex with an infected partner.
To not get herpes from the patient, carefully observe good personal hygiene, wash hands with an antiseptic soap or gel, use PPE, personal hygiene. Take a separate bowl, spoons, forks, after eating, wash them thoroughly and store separate from utensils of an infected person.
Unfortunately, even these methods do not give 100% guarantee that contamination will not occur. The virus is transmitted by droplets, by sneezing, coughing, even in a normal conversation with the sick person. Therefore, no single method of prevention can give you confidence that you will avoid disease. This does not always mean that you will immediately covered with bubbles - the main manifestation of the virus - but it should be supercooled to weaken the immune system, the virus will immediately appear rashes on the skin or mucous membranes.
Pay special attention to the immune system. Self-administration of any drugs to enhance immunity are strictly contraindicated, so consult your doctor and you will select the safe pharmaceuticals based on your age and health status.