There is a darkness different diets for weight loss. This is also a very good business to sell people hope. Often very difficult to understand and to understand, than they differ. Now I'm in one sentence explain the principle of action of any effective diet.

Here it is: to calories need less than you spend. We have an equation that can change two variables. Can change the amount of calories coming in (with limitations in food intake) and we can increase the consumption of calories (through physical activity). You may think everything is easy? Why is it that people fail and rarely succeed diets?

Two main reasons:

  1. People eat by eye (without an exact diet every day).
  2. People eat very little or eat very rarely slows down metabolism.

In the first case the man says: I don't eat fatty, sweet and fried... But that's not enough. It's too streamlined conditions. It is possible and very dietary foods to gain calories two times more than you were yesterday. Remember, when there is no clear control (a list of products and their weight for each day), you are not on a diet, because every day the number of calories you have changed and such a mess in the nutrition for fat loss will not.

This problem is solved very simply. You take some permanent menu (a set of products in a certain quantity) and eat only this (nothing more and nothing less) every day. This is your point of reference relative to which you can do the exact correction (reduce or increase) calories.

Your diet starts in the morning when you cook this set of products in a certain amount and put yourself in a plastic container. This is your daily dose of products. And it is your starting point for the manipulation of calories. Next, you need fine adjustments to diet. It is done individually and by feel. You may be low in calories (is a weakness) - then the carbs need to add.

Or another situation - a lot of calories and you're not losing weight. So the amount of carbs (buckwheat, oatmeal, etc.) need to decrease (for example, a quarter). Control produce every week. Ideal is to lose 0.5-1kg a week. This number suggests that reduced fat in the body and not the internal organs or muscles.