You will need
  • - the passport.
Select the operator whose services you plan to use in the future when connecting shortcodes. Look at their conditions and determine accurately with the option of conclusion of the contract, calculate the approximate cost of the rooms themselves, software, equipment and server installation, plus various related expenses. Prices for services can vary depending on the location. The period of issuance of short codes for SMS messages may take up to six months. The cost of a short operator – a minimum of $ 2,000. Software plus the cost of the platform – another $ 2,000. Also consider the cost of electricity and other aspects. An important parameter is the cost of advertising, but they are present in the second method.
Get a license to provide services through SMS messages. Give the operator the necessary documents for the purchase of short numbers. Wait until the process is complete, contracts with mobile operators, during this process you can just start setting up equipment and software. Start the service system when the contract and the equipment will be ready.
Take advantage of our special rental service, short numbers. In this case you can already now start to provide services in your room, and problems with contracts and equipment leave to the landlord. Of course, you are not exempt in any case from promotion of its SMS services, you will also have to spend a certain amount on advertising if you want to the amount of rent paid off as quickly as possible. This is useful when the number you want in the shortest possible time and for an indefinite period of time.